Video Chicken Live: Renowned Chicken Expert Lisa Steele of Fresh Eggs Daily - 7.8.2022

Coming to you live from Creedmoor, NC is Video Chicken Live where we discuss and answer your questions about everything chickens and coops. Ask any question you want and Matt, Kristen and Ingrid will answer for you. We specialize in chickens and chicken coop construction.

This episode's guest is renowned backyard chicken expert, Lisa Steele of Fresh Eggs Daily. From her beautiful farm in Maine, Lisa has contributed her sage advice to the backyard chicken keeping community for more than a decade, and has recently entered the culinary arena with the release of her first cookbook, The Fresh Eggs Daily Cookbook.

She's an author of seven books, 5th-generation chicken keeper, Master Gardener, "eggspert" and coop-to-kitchen cook. She has her own show on PBS called Welcome to My Farm.

On the show, Lisa answers viewer questions and one lucky viewer will be getting one of her signed books.



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